Many people ask: why the name Revolution Builders?

One definition of Revolution is:

a dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people’s ideas about it.”

When Kevin founded the business in 2006, he knew he wanted to build on a foundation of relationship and trust. We believe that this simple concept is a revolutionary approach to construction and flows organically to our team, our customers and our trade partners.

The easiest way to describe how this plays out in daily life is to imagine eight construction workers at one of our early morning meetings. One man is getting tears in his eyes as he describes a special moment he had with his child that weekend. Another team member begins to share about a disagreement he had with his wife, or a fear he is facing in his life, and finds encouragement from those around him.

We believe that when our team focuses on health and excellence, it will naturally translate into the work we do and the way we relate to the people around us.

We are blessed with a team of excellent and skilled craftsmen who have this passion.

We would love to introduce you to The Revolution Builders. 


Kevin Hurst + Ryan Weaver + David Williamson